KG Headquarters


When KG reached out to us with the request to revamp the exterior of their aging headquarters tower, we recognized a chance not just to update the facade but also enhance the building's functionality and its interaction with the surrounding environment. The secondary cladding consists of triangular modules strategically angled to shield the structure from direct sunlight, while wider transparent panels ensure visibility. Lifting one corner of the building accomplishes more than just adding an inviting touch; it also establishes a visual and physical connection between the structure and the forthcoming park situated across the street by the creek.

The building currently features two separate entry points, each on different levels, depending on whether it’s approached from the front or rear. We've reimagined a grander, unified lobby to ensure a consistent and inviting entrance experience from both directions. The reconfiguration of the vertical transportation system, positioning the transfer level on the rooftop, optimizes the circulation of the users and their access to the amenities and the shared meeting rooms.

Collaboration with AA Archigroup.


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